Our wizard guides you through the steps to connect any (SSH enabled) host to the staging server. Even non technical users can complete this one time step in less than 5 minutes.


Connect to multiple hosts and manage all of your sites from one convenient location. Keep your WordPress, Joomla! and PrestaShop sites organized. You can even see the software versions every site is running.


In order to reduce the latency of the staging environment you can choose between datacenters that are closest to your live sites hosting server.


The risks of updating your live sites without testing is something you can't afford. While core updates have become very stable, your site is unique and a plugin conflict could break your site.

No More
Broken Sites

When updating plugins, or core CMS files on the staging site you eliminate the biggest risk for any web site owner. Say goodbye to broken sites that could result in lost revenue.


For most sites our static site generator is the perfect final step in your workflow. Instead of publishing your WordPress or Joomla site, you convert it to unhackable html pages including pages with forms!


With static website generation you retain the convenience and ease of use of your current content management system. After editing or updating your site, you click on a button to generate a static html site.


When using our static site generator you can configure how contact forms should be handled, where site directory files are located, and more. In addition, many aspects of the workflow can be configured and fine tuned.


We introduce almost no change to your current workflow. The only change is that you work on the staging site and publish to live with the click of a button once you are satistfied with your work.


If changes were made on your live site you can easily import them before you continue developing on the staging site. This ensures that you always work with the latest version.


When publishing or synchronizing, the system creates a snapshot of both live and staging sites so you can easily revert back to the various stages of the site. Only incremental changes are stored which increases the performance of all actions.

Design &

The staging site can be used for much more than just update management. Try out new design ideas, or develop new functionality without having to worry about maintaining an additional development infrastructure.

No Live

With s4a the staging environment is totally disconnected from the live web server which means that updating, testing, and all other management tasks are not using live resources and keep the live site as performant as possible.

Media File

select if you want to copy your media files to your staging site or just hotlink to the media on your live site which makes the management much easier and more performant.

From Google

The staging site is totally hidden from the public. This means that you don't have any SEO problems with duplicate content. In addition, no visitors can reach your work in progress and see half finished work.


In addition to being hidden from google, the entire interface of the staging site is password protected and sits behind a firewall.


Have multiple users working on your sites with individual log in credentials. This allow you to outsource tasks and enable access on a per-site base.


When utilizing the multi user functionality, you can create multiple administrators who will have access to all of the sites that you connect to. This is especially useful for web-agencies who manage multiple clients.


User access can be fine tuned on a per user, per site, per role base. Allow users full access to one site but block them from accessing another.


Don't worry about giving your content editors different access than what they are already used to. You can choose to connect them to their established user account or create a new account with the functionality of the desired user group.

Demo &

Give your client a link with an access token to the staging site to be used as part of a review process. With the incremental saving option, you can easily revert your changes based on the feedback of your client.


Keep project notes per site. This is especially useful when working as a team. Nothing fancy, just an editable notes section that is displayed in the overview and on the site dashboard.


Use the built in editor to collaboratively work on the code of your website. With the integrated IDE you don't have to download files to your desktop anymore and can work on your site from wherever you are.


Utilize our built in database editor to manage and fine tune the database on the staging site and even (in emergencies) on the live site.


You can configure the tables which you want to include or exclude for both publishing from staging to live or synchronizing from live to staging.


If you can't use our static site generator, the ability of testing your site on a newer version of php is crucial. Don't get caught with incompatible software when your hosting provider changes the minimum php version.


While not optimal, you can access the s4a system from your mobile on the go. This is not the best way of managing your site, but allows you to have a usable interface in case of an emergency.


Our inline help system walks you through the steps and functionalities on any given screen you're on. This way you will not be lost if something doesn't work as expected.


Any action you're taking on the system prompts a notification, this way you're never in the dark as to what the system is doing. This is especially important for tasks that take a while to complete.


We are rolling out the ability of combining the content of both live and staging. This will allow you to update content on both sites simultaneously as is often the case with ecommerce sites or sites that accept external content.

Staging & Static
For Hosters s4h

If you are a hosting company looking to implement our platform as part of your infrastructure head over to our dedicated site for hosters at staging4hosters.com. While the feature set is very similar, the configuration, and pricing varies and is tailored to your specific needs.

The only staging solution that works with any SSH enabled host and provides you with a built-in static site generator. Make broken updates, page downtime, and hacked sites a thing of the past.


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