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for Security
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Why Staging

Never break a live site again!

The risks of updating your live sites without testing is something you can't afford. While core updates have become very stable, your site is unique and a plugin conflict could break your site. Worse yet, you might lose access to your WordPress admin to fix it.

We provide a WordPress staging solution that works with any host* and enables you to develop, test and design safely and worry free.

What is Static

Eliminate the attack surface of your site

With the proliferation of WordPress and Joomla as CMSs (WordPress powers over a third of all websites) and with the source code being open and accessible, hackers can easily exploit any security bug on the CMS level, the dependent underlying services or even the core php language.

With static website generation you retain the convenience and ease of use of your current content management system. WordPress and Joomla are still used in exactly the same way you have grown accustomed to but in a secure environment that is not publicly accessible. The only difference is that after developing, editing, or updating your site, you click on a button to generate a static html site.

Convert your site to static and safe pages with the push of ONE BUTTON!



Connect to any SSH enabled host

Our simple wizard guides you through the steps to connect any host to the staging server. Yes, that means you can connect and manage multiple sites on multiple hosts from one centralized location.


Almost no change to your current workflow

We introduce almost no change to your current workflow. The only change is that you work on the staging site and publish to live with the click of a button once you are satistfied with your work.


Make hacked sites a thing of the past

For most sites our static site generator is the perfect final step in your workflow. Instead of publishing your WordPress or Joomla site, you convert it to unhackable html pages including pages with forms!


You might ask yourself "Why not just back up my site?"
While a backup strategy is essential for any website, it doesn't give you the freedom to preemptively spot problems or test new features. Likewise, other staging solutions come with drawbacks such as vendor lock-in, high costs, and partial feature sets. staging4all provides you a full set of features at a minimal cost.
For WordPress, Joomla! or PrestaShop, here is what really sets us apart.

Fully Managed
Staging Environment

No need of maintaining your own infrastructure if you don't want to. You don't have to install or maintain databases and all the synchronization happens behind the scenes.

Integrated Static
Site Generator

Our static site generator is not an afterthought, but an integral part of our solution. We cannot stress how beneficial this is not just for you, the site owner, who doesn't have to worry about getting hacked, but for us as internet users who will receive less spam and other malware.


You can grant access to specific users for specific sites. Oh, did we mention that you control the access even further and determine the user role for each of your users?

Connect to
Multiple Hosts

From one account you can manage multiple sites hosted on multiple web hosting companies. You can even host your own s4a server. This is of additional interest to web agencies.


We want to enable the implementation of our solution to as many websites as possible. This is why we offering our service at extremely low prices.
Hackers, spammers, malware distributors and other malicious actors have become a nuisance to all of us. When we designed our system we wanted to make sure that eliminating the attack surface on as many sites as possible was not only technically achievable but a simple process that easily integrates into the daily routine of website owners. A process that even non-technical people can implement and which is it cheap enough that cost isn't a dettering factor.
Our promise is to keep it as affordable as possible.

The only staging solution that works with any SSH enabled host and provides you with a built-in static site generator. Make broken updates, page downtime, and hacked sites a thing of the past.


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